AVS RM70 7? LCD Monitor

This affordable large 7? colour high resolution LCD monitor comes with a bracket fitting for mounting?on any suitable flat surface using the supplied adhesive pad or it can be flush mounted into a suitable vehicle panel if available. The display settings are fully adjustable for maximum picture quality.

The monitor has the option of adding up to two cameras and optional stereo from an built-in speaker. It is perfect for medium to large vehicles or where a larger display is preferred.

The RM70 LCD monitor features:

  • 7? large high resolution colour LCD monitor
  • 16:9 wide screen display
  • Fully adjustable display settings
  • On screen display with remote or push button control
  • Optional flush mount or bracket fitting
  • If using for the rear of the vehicle when the vehicle is in reverse gear the LCD monitor will automatically switch to display the camera image (whether or not the monitor is turned on)
  • Two RCA inputs for up to two cameras
  • If multiple cameras are being used the monitor can display single camera images or a split screen
  • Optional stereo audio from built-in speaker
  • Suitable for 12 volt vehicles
  • One year product warranty when professionally installed
  • Connect to any?AVS colour safety camera