Car Subwoofers NZ – Get Complimentary Re-tuning

At Sound Around, our priority is getting you the best quality sound system for your car. A good quality subwoofer
will hugely improve your car’s sound system and help it perform better. Not only will the overall sound get better,
but the subwoofer will take the pressure off the rest of your car’s sound system, increasing its durability and

In combination with this, subwoofers are very flexible and can be placed anywhere in your car. For more
information on our range of subwoofers, reach out to our team today or browse our categories below.

Car Subwoofers & Tuning Service

Once you have chosen your subwoofer and our technicians tune it, it requires approximately 30 – 40 operating hours to run in. During this period, the
spider that supports the cone requires movement to stretch and allow the subwoofer to extend more without overheating the voice coil.
During the installation, we pre-tune your system to allow this to happen without over-exerting the cone and overheating and damaging your sub-woofer.
For those re-tuning customers, we also offer a complimentary re-tune after 3 – 4 weeks to ensure that your system gives you trouble-free operation and the maximum amount of enjoyment. Check out our range of quality subwoofers below.

Subwoofers Categories

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