AVS S5 Car Alarm Including The Digital Tilt Sensor For Wheel & Tow Protection Installed

The AVS S5 car alarm is engineered to the highest specifications for the ultimate in car security. The system now includes as standard a digital tilt sensor to protect the wheels, an intelligent glass break sensor and dual stage shock sensor as well as three immobiliser circuits. Plus enjoy seamless integration with turbo vehicles and the option to control the car alarm from your vehicle?s factory remote. If you are in the market for a new car alarm we recommend you choose the AVS S5 Five Star car alarm and immobiliser. There is no other alarm that offers these features as standard. The AVS S5 car alarm features: Three automatic immobilisers For maximum security fuel pump, ignition system and starter motor immobiliser cuts (where possible) are made so the car cannot be started unless it is disarmed via the remote. The system will immobilise 40 seconds after the ignition is turned off or when the car alarm is armed.NEW! Now includes a digital tilt sensor The digital tilt sensor sets itself for the angle the car is parked on when you arm the alarm. If the car is tilted in ANY direction from one degree it triggers the alarm. Normal sensors cannot detect if your car is being lifted so the tilt sensor is a must have not only to protect your wheels but also to alert you if the car is being towed (today towing vehicles is a common method of stealing cars). This fully digital sensor has extensive anti falsing circuitory for superior performance. (The digital tilt sensor on it?s own has an RRP of $199 but it is included with the AVS S5!) Learn more about the AVS digital sensor here. Intelligent glass break sensor Detects the sound frequency of breaking glass. It will only trigger the car alarm if the shock sensor also picks up an impact. This reduces false alarms. Intelligent dual stage shock sensor It gives a warning on a light impact and a full trigger alarm on a heavy impact to the vehicle. It can distinguish between environmental shocks such as trucks or aircraft and a thief attempting to break in. It will auto adjust its sensitivity for the environment on arming. Data battery back-up siren A self powered siren that communicates independently with the car alarm so it cannot be fooled into turning off like normal battery back-up sirens. Turbo timer integration* Enjoy seamless integration with turbo vehicles. The system can be armed while the alarm runs on a timer. There are two options: On-board turbo timer ? the most secure option is to use the alarm?s in-built turbo timer. Choose a run time of 1, 2 or 4 minutes. The timer can also be shut down via the AVS remote. Turbo timer interface ? link the alarm up with an external turbo timer allowing the system to be armed while the car runs on the timer. Door, bonnet and boot protection If the car alarm is armed and a door, bonnet or boot is opened the car alarm will sound. Control the car alarm with your vehicle?s factory remote* The great thing with this AVS car alarm is it can be operated from your vehicle?s factory remote key. This means when you lock/unlock the car with the factory remote it will arm/disarm the AVS car alarm. Boot release will also work from the factory remote (and if the car alarm is armed it will disarm). This feature will work with most factory remotes. Courier function* Courier function allows the engine to continue running indefinitely while the system is armed. If the car alarm is triggered during this time the car will shut down and the car alarm will sound. Anti-hijack* The anti-hijack feature (if installed) will immobilise the engine if a covert button is not pushed within a set time frame following the car being started. It is designed as another line of defence if your remote and keys are stolen. Central locking from the remote* The car alarm will lock/unlock the doors when the car alarm is armed/disarmed. Two rolling code waterproof remote controls ? now in new look ?AVS Black? with black buttons and a blue LED (If you are not using your car?s factory key to operate the car alarm) Hyper blue LED warning light Compatible with all AVS car accessories and sensors Three year warranty Also available in a 24-volt version Control other devices with your AVS remote* Your AVS remote may be able to open/close your garage door or control other devices such as arming your house alarm. Talk with us or your AVS installer for more information or see our car alarm accessories page. Five Star Rating Certified to AS/NZS 3749.1.2003 Class A

Note: If you require the S5 Alarm as an upgrade utilising your existing factory remote you must advise us at the time of booking. Some vehicles require extra parts and extra charges on specialised?vehicles.

NOTE:?Some vehicles may require extra parts and / or incur extra costs.