Mongoose LT5000 5 Year GPS Tracker


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GPS tracking for up to 5 years !

Reports its location once a day for up to 5 years from its built-in battery

Track anything and forget a power supply

Attaches with powerful built-in magnets

Now you can track your trailer, equipment, horse float, boat, shipping container, assets, farm/forestery equipment, or anything that cannot provide power to the tracker.leo equipment trailers

The Mongoose LT5000 is a GPS tracker designed for long term daily tracking for up to 5 years when reporting just once a day. Choose your own reporting time. The tracker is powered from its built-in non-rechargeable battery.

NOTE: This tracker is not designed for tracking by the minute or by the hour. For these functions, see our model LT2400
No installation – No wiring – No battery charging

So easy to use with the FREE mobile APP & FREE website which not only shows where the tracker is but also replays history and allows control of the tracker.
Click on the iPhone to read more about the APP & website.

Only $399.00 inc’ GST SIM card

Easy set-up and go !
1. Charge the battery
2. Insert a 2G GSM SIM card
3. Switch on and send a couple of set-up text messages from your phone to the tracker to pair them together
4. Download the FREE mobile APP
5. Logon to the APP, or link to the website, and see that are now tracking !

FREE mobile APP & website – No Fees – No Contract
See last reported location on your smart phone, tablet or website
Playback location history – revolving 6 months history
Built-in magnets for attachment to metal surfaces
Built-in tamper/removal switch (text & phone alert)
Uses GSM data for low cost operation
Unlimited range via the GSM mobile network
2G GSM SIM card required (Vodafone or 2 Degrees)
Password protected
Long life Li-ion 3.7v 16,000mAh non-rechargeable battery
With typical use, 5 years reporting once a day
More frequent reporting pprogrammable with reduction in battery life
Deep sleep power saver function (GSM off – GPS off – data off)
Only wakes up at programmed times
Awake time programmable – 5~999 minutes
Time of day programmable – 00.01~23.59
How often it awakes programmable – 2~48 hours
Waterproof to IP-67
Size: 120x65x35mm – 250g
Status LED’s
2 year product warranty
# Mobile APP. The APP is designed for smart mobile phones and tablets. Not suitable for Windows mobile phones.
* For safety reasons (fire/explosion), continuous power connection not recommended. Warranty void if connected this way.
If programmed for reporting more than once per day, battery life will incrermentally reduce.
The built-in magnets will assist in attaching this product to suitable metal surfaces. If subjected to violent shock this tracker may become dislodged.
We recommend other means of securing and attaching this tracker. Mongoose is not liable for any subsequent loss or damage.
The tracker must have clear sight of the sky in order to receive satellite information.


Out of stock