Fusion RV-BBT603

Fusion RV-BBT603 Recreational Vehicle Entertainment System


Undock and Go Wireless

When undocked, RV-BBT603 becomes a powerful wireless remote for the entertainment system. Also use it for web browsing, email and other internet-connected apps such as web browser, trip planner, video player, calendar, settings and more.

Find the Most Efficient Route to a Destination

Our superior RV-specific navigation gives you the confidence and freedom to enjoy driving the open road. With customized RV routing, directories of RV parks, RV services, route warnings, elevation profiles and hands-free features, this portable infotainment system is the solution you’ve been waiting for.

Enjoy Customized RV Routing

Simply enter your applicable vehicle specifications and desired destination, and a route will be automatically determined based on the height, weight, length and width of your vehicle². RV-BBT603 also includes RV-related restrictions such as bridge heights, sharp curves and related information for most major roads and highways.

Drive with Helpful Route Warnings

Hear and see helpful warnings, which can help prepare you for upcoming descents, ascents and more. You’ll also have access to upcoming elevation information about your routes — for possible steep grades — and a comprehensive directory of RV parks and services, which can be saved based on preferred amenities.

Friendly Guidance from Garmin Real Directions™


“Spoken turn-by-turn” directions are more refined with Garmin Real Directions. Our easy-to-understand driving directions use recognizable landmarks, buildings and traffic lights in addition to spoken street names — guiding you as if your best friend is sitting in the passenger seat. No more squinting to read distant street signs. Just listen for Garmin Real Directions to tell you, “Turn left after the QT,” or “Turn right after the red building.” Following directions has never been easier.

Get a Better View of the Road

Easy-to-read information helps ensure safe travels and happy campers. Exclusive features such as Active Lane Guidance, Bird’s Eye junction view and photoReal junction view keep you firmly on the right path, while the brightly colored onscreen arrows lead the way.

Confidence in Knowing What’s Ahead


With a database of nearly 20,000 RV parks and campgrounds in North America — including state and national parks and privately owned campgrounds — RV-BBT603 is a wealth of knowledge and the perfect companion during an on-road expedition.

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